On a cold day in December 2015 Wimpy Rutherford (The Queers, The Jabbers, The Drunken Cholos) and Tino Valpa (The Cryptics) set out to record the 4 brand new original tunes you have before you. With Rutherford on the lyrics and Valpa on the music you have an absurdly-themed, hard-hitting hardcore punk EP clocking in at about 7 minutes. While lyrically right on point with the comical nature of the early Queers and Rutherford’s years with The Jabbers, musically this EP gives the listener a chance to hear Rutherford in a slightly more hardcore environment. Like the Angry Samoans on steroids, or Black Flag before their songs were as long as this entire EP. Choose between classic black, blue, maroon, mint, or smoke vinyl. Download card included. Get your copy now.

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