We are having a wild sale of all our releases, all color variants now through Aug. 8th. It’s one big package deal for everything. It comes out to less than $10 per LP & less than $5 per 7″. Straight up 2002 era prices. Get it here!


Make Me Digital – Deep Ocean Blue / Milky Clear Haze w/ Blue / Glacier

Self Titled – Gray

Continuous New Behavior – White, Blue, Black

Wimpy Rutherford And The Cryptics Live @ The Brickhouse LP w/ DVD – Black /Blue

Sol Yaged And Tino Valpa – Your Wish Is My Command LP – White / Blue

Wimpy Rutherford And The Cryptics – Self-Titled 7″ – Maroon / Black

Leads To Betrayal 7″ – Green

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