Introducing the brand new “Leads To Betrayal” 7″ out on Pine Hill Records! This single is from the all-new “Continous New Behavior” LP coming early 2020. This vinyl single includes a Ramones cover of “Let’s Go” on the B-side (not to be confused with Blitzkrieg Bop [yawn]…. ). The cover song is limited to this 7″ and will not be re-appearing on the album. Limited to 200 hand-numbered copies on transparent green vinyl. This is a one-time thing and will not be repressed ever. It’s not streaming anywhere and it’s not being distributed. The only place you can get it is right here. Download card is included. We’re also including some package deals consisting of this single + a signed copy of the Self-Titled LP signed by all 3 original members which you can find here.

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