For those of you who’ve seen me out on tour over the past decade plus, you’ve seen me with a lot of different friends and lineups over time. It’s been a long road and it’s never been easy. Especially when you start a band in your teenage years, it can take a long time before you find true friends that want the same thing and that can do this as much as we do. But it’s all been worth it to bring me to the moment I’m in right now.

I’m overjoyed to share with you our brand-new lineup: On guitar, I’m thrilled to say Frank Nordaby is back in the band! If you’re an OG you know him from the early years. Frank & I formed the band together in 2008. He’s been gone since 2010. 11 years later I’d never dream we’d be lucky enough to have him back. During those 11 years he’s been no stranger to the band. He made a special appearance back with us at a 2015 show. He was playing on stage with us all night for our 10-year anniversary show in 2018. You can even catch him in the Mystery Line music video from last year. Now officially from this point onward this hard-working, life-long best friend of mine is back where it all started. Words can’t express my level of excitement…

On an equal high note, please also welcome our new bass player Joe Cryptic! From Boston, MA. Joe, Josh and myself have a musical history going back over a decade as all 3 of us used to play in a Boston band together. Joe is a great player, hard worker, super reliable and easily the humblest dude that has ever played in this band. It’s a hilarious coincidence that one-by-one all 3 of us ended up together from one band to the next. We’re so lucky to have this dude as a part of our band.

When Andy moved out here to NH in 2016 to join on drums, that gave the band a new foundation. A truly reliable friend that cares and is in it for the long haul. We’ve been through so much together in just a handful of years and the band wouldn’t have been able to get to this point without him. Between him and then Josh coming into the mix last year, I couldn’t believe what was unfolding. Now with Frank & Joe joining up with us, the circle is complete in a way that I’d never dreamed possible. These are like-minded, fun, awesome people to play with, practice with, record with, hang with and at some point again finally tour with. These are all people I’ve known for years that I trust and care about. We’ve all done this stuff together before. There’s no mystery here. Just an awesome road ahead with the best group of people imaginable.

We’re working on so much for the future right now. Details to come. Cannot wait for this next chapter of the band. Thanks for listening. Thanks for caring. See you as soon as we can.

-Tino Valpa


The Cryptics 2021:

Tino Valpa / Frank Nordaby / Josh Lee / Joe Cryptic / Andy Mattern



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